My name is Igor Tsariov.

I do motion design in 3D (Cinema 4D) and 2D (After Effects).

Motion design is able to effectively and quickly convey any – even the most complex thoughts, ideas, images, etc. – this is certainly what every business needs.

Today, you can only stand out with a bright, spectacular, powerful, exciting and striking fantasy SHORT (1-2 minutes) video that uses all the latest trends and computer graphics techniques!

Please find attached the price range for my services together with the list of criteria the minimum and the maximum price is based on.


Best regards,

Igor Tsariov

Motion Designer


Mobile: +7 982 446 07 08


3D & 2D Motion Design Price Range

3D Motion Design

There are 4 main and about 20 additional criteria for determining the price of 3D Motion Design / Motion Graphics.

To name the price you need to get answers to the following questions:

  1. Timing of the future video. Because 10 seconds, 60 and 300 – the difference is radical in price.
  1. Do you have models of your products, or will you need to model them? If the second, are there detailed drawings, diagrams, photos of products in all sections, etc.
  1. If there are models, then in what form they are, details. If not, is there an option to purchase models on the stock, and to the fine-tuning, or all the models would be made from scratch.
  1. Whether to consider the cost of “turnkey” project, including the development of the script (development of the script by frame, storyboard), voice acting, track, or the script is provided, the sound is made by you, etc.

It is also important to understand if the customer has the following:

  1. scope of work
  2. concepts
  3. style frames
  4. animatics
  5. complexity and number of animations
  6. FX complexity
  7. complex types of simulations (fire, water, etc.), their stylistics
  8. abstract inserts (particles, crystals, etc.)
  9. complexity of scene construction and image quality
  10. the complexity of the rendering
  11. conforming
  12. details (frames saturation and details)
  13. number of objects in the frame
  14. textures
  15. tracking
  16. remote dies with infographics
  17. sound design
  18. time spent on work

+ how many different shots will there be?

+ when is the deadline?

+ the resolution of the video?

+ production, communication with the client.


Based on the above criteria, the price can be from $3000 to $16 000 for 1 minute of 3D Motion Design / Motion Graphics.

The production period is from 2 to 4 weeks.

The maximum price can be anything, if you want some special fx (it can be anything – it all depends on your imagination).

If you need exclusive music written for this video, then I have a professional sound designer. But the deadline will be longer.


2D Motion Design

The cost of a video clip in in 2D Motion Design / Motion Graphics consists of the following parameters.

It is important to understand if the customer has the following:

  1. scope of work
  2. Video script / story
  3. Text for the video (the one that will be in the infographic and in the voice-over)
  4. episodes storyboard
  5. color preference (favorite / corporate colors)
  6. voice-over recording / voice-over
  7. music – you can find a free one
  8. illustrations – you can find free or make them
  9. animation

+ management and edits

Depending on these parameters, the cost may vary from $5 to $8 per 1 second (excluding edits) with a 50% prepayment only for animation.

Only after these clarifications, you can finally form the price and deadline.

If you need to do everything from scratch, the price will increase, and the deadlines will move.

On average, you get a range of $150-500 for 1 minute of 2D Motion Design / Motion Graphics.

And terms on average from 5 to 10 days. Taking into account possible edits, it is better have an extra week in reserve.